Sarah McEvoy – Bog Standard

Bog Standard

The sign says “TOILET”. Honestly, that’s all;
inside, there’s one just like you have at home.
It doesn’t segregate by chromosome.
You can be male or female, large or small,
abled, disabled, trans or genderqueer.
There are some signs in pictures, text and Braille,
room for a scooter, a convenient rail,
and everything says “all are welcome here”.
Should you require assistance, pull this chain,
the red one (you can reach it from the floor
if you should fall), and we’ll attend to you.
Now listen. We can do this on a train
that reaches eighty miles an hour or more,
so why not with a stationary loo?


Sarah McEvoy is a Cumbrian poet, writer, translator, proofreader, activist and early music enthusiast. They prefer neutral pronouns, and you can find more of their writing at

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