Dan Stathers – Bok Choy Neighbour

Bok Choy Neighbour

You might think us related
but I assure you we’re not.
My great grandfather was a Savoy
and yours most likely a turnip;
a noble profession I’m sure,
just a long frill short of my ilk.

We find your manners
frightfully gauche, but understand
that this is not entirely your fault –
we have our ‘certain ways’
just as you have yours.

I feel you are owed an apology
of sorts – those unseemly caterpillar rumours –
all rather unfortunate,
but sadly (for you),
mud has a habit of sticking.

We’re all agreed that you would feel
far more comfortable on another patch –
we thrive in our unspoilt space
and intend to keep it just so.

Please refrain from digging your heels in,
old chap,
just see this as a friendly warning.
Take as much time as you should need –

just be gone by tomorrow morning.


Dan Stathers is a poet from Kingsbridge in South Devon.

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