Lesley Quayle – A Responsibility to Truth

A Responsibility to Truth.

(For Edward Snowden)

White, black, black, white,

truth, lies, wrong, right.

I tell you my name,

you who are ordinary,

the travellers, the stay-at-homes,

the small and passive, faceless

shoals, caught in a net of lies.

I give you scissors and a filleting knife.


Ask where I am.


Black, white, white, black,

someone won’t be coming back.

I tell you my name,

you who are honourable,

the venerable old, the industrious young,

the not so innocent and hardly guilty,

fools and sacrificial lambs.

I give you a responsibility to truth.


Ask what happened to me.


Lesley Quayle is a poet, novelist and folk/blues singer, currently living and  working in the wilds of rural Dorset. Her most recent poetry collection “Sessions” is published by Indigo Dreams.

One thought on “Lesley Quayle – A Responsibility to Truth

  1. Well done! Quayle’s poem speaks for millions; that’s quite an accomplishment. And does so with an even hand, developing the image from a radiant center of the understanding that truth is a happening, with witnesses, true and false.

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