Siegfried Baber – Lille


Look, stranger, they’ve built a second city
here in the spaces between
the railway tracks and pylons.
Shirtless caravan-people – whose entire lives
can be stuffed into Carrefour bags, quickly
slipped under the soles of their shoes
at the scream of a siren –
have wedged themselves in the cracks
beneath the bypass,
and sent their children weeping
off to stations and supermarkets
to rattle beggar’s cups.
We give just enough loose change
to help us forget they ever existed.
Now look again – see that pyramid of coins,
that burning pile of rubber tyres?


Siegfried Baber lives and works in Bath, Somerset, and his poetry has featured in various publications including The Interpreter’s House, Butcher’s Dog Magazine, Ink Sweat & Tears and Peleton, the 2013 Templar Anthology. He is currently working his debut pamphlet The Baby with the Baboon’s Heart. You can follow him on Twitter @SiegfriedBaber

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