Jo Grey – Pisagua



The trucks began to arrive
and cries rang from those
who dragged themselves
up the glass-strewn nitrate slopes.

No visitors.
No Red Cross.
Executions took place
beside the cemetery.

Now an unscarred monument
in black and blue and red
guards the place of the dead.

Vultures still circle overhead.



Josie-Anne Gray is a freelance writer, musician and community arts development worker in Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire. She is part of Celtic folk-rock band Merlin’s Keep and works alongside a range of arts professionals in the town to bring high quality and varied arts events and experiences to the area.

Josie is editor of the Arts Council England supported website, a resource for writers that has grown in scope since its inception in 2012 and which now has global reach.

Josie has published a collection of poetry The Poplars and a novella, Just One Night. The former is available from the author, the latter from Amazon Kindle

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