Daniel Sluman – 1991-2006



My father’s pounded-blue Ford
& my feet barely glancing the receipts

& Marlborough cartons piled on the floor

the peeled strips of paintwork     snagging
empty promises       from neon signs

the city’s horizon burning into a yellow pair

of hands    composing the softly-lit dreams
of business men in hotel rooms       screwing

silk ties in their worn palms      their heads full

of yes       every night        a heaved dice
a million shades of blonde        & we are driving

further into it each year      my toes starting to plant

the mat      your hair greying in the rear-view
mirror         & each face from our life together

passing like boarded-up doors

in a neighbourhood
beyond repair


Daniel Sluman is a 28 year old writer based in Cheltenham, whose debut Absence has a weight of its own was released to critical acclaim in 2012 through Nine Arches Press. He has been published widely in journals in the UK and abroad, including B O D Y, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Hinterland, and Popshot. He gained a BA and MA in Creative Writing at University of Gloucestershire, and won AHRC funding for his PhD into Disability Poetics, at BCU starting in 2014.

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