Ama Bolton – The question is

The question is

would you rip off
the earth’s green coat
ransack bedrock
shatter shale
blacken permafrost
drill deep
into sleeping ice
wring out
the last drop
of ancient light
til there’s no oil
no place unspoilt
for our children
or their children
til the sea’s dead
the soil is wrecked
earth’s beauty
just a memory
and we are totally

Or would you learn
the termite’s art
of solar
learn community
from honey-bees
from spiders learn
to spin a yarn
your own zip-wire
to float on air
learn from the rook
to build with sticks
learn from the tree
simply to be
learn from the bear
to wear the wool
that insulates him
learn from the wren
her song?

3 thoughts on “Ama Bolton – The question is

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