Rebecca Bird – Golden Gate (Reprise)

Golden Gate (Reprise)

It is 2am little bird and the cars are passing by like afternoons
a sleepy one every now and then    and the frost has deepened

like a voice                          across town you are perched
in your uncle’s coat    hug-warm       a bridge rotting beneath
your eyes                     already sunk in the cool river

if I could reach from my window I would pluck you out
and brush the dark from your knees           I need to know
sweet bird        did you leave a note?     and does it tell me
what you see in the water
and what the water sees in you

Rebecca Bird was born in 1991. She has been published in journals including The New Writer, Envoi, The Rialto and the Bakery. She currently lives and works in Guildford.

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