Jeff Skinner – Estate


They meet after
dropping the kids –

caught in the rain outside a
shuttered Costcutter

the young mums corral their buggies,
smoke and chat.

Across the street
Chelsea, Grace, Blaine

are trying to learn
from their mums’ mistakes

some of whom –
barely out of their teens –

text a friend who’s expecting next
about nurseries, names;

scratch to match three
to win,

disperse like their
grey haloes.


Jeff Skinner retired last year. He was a Librarian in the NHS and a Trade Union rep. for Unison.
He was longlisted in the 2012 Bridport competition. Last year his poem about fashion and the Rana Plaza disaster was published by the Morning Star/Well Versed …but it’s vanished with other work since they revamped their website! This year he was one of the runners-up in the Guernsey competition and his poem is currently circulating the island on a bus…

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