Richard Devereux – thoughts of support

thoughts of support

the instant they are sent

they ignore the miles
unerringly find
the one intended

John Cantlie
the CIA don’t know
where you are held

our thoughts do

the thought of support
I just sent you
already slipped
under your door

wiggle your toes
and you will feel it

each one of our thoughts
is a tiny brick

with them
you must build a high tower
climb up to the top
and wave at us all

hello or thanks or goodbye

Richard Devereux is a poet based in Bristol. He is a member of the Lansdown Poets. His first love is Greece but a recurring theme now is the jihad.

4 thoughts on “Richard Devereux – thoughts of support

  1. thank you for this Richard. I resonated with your thoughts because, as do you, I believe that my thoughts , care and prayers all land with John, slip in under the door indeed!

    And that, whether he gets to stay or to leave, he WILL know that many people care for him, and are sending him loving thoughts.
    So glad you posted this poem for us.

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