Chris Hemingway – A Walking Conversation with my 20-year Old Self

A Walking Conversation with my 20-year Old Self

I was angry he said
how we kept electing these dangerous people.
And for those who didn’t use elections,
we kept selling them tools
to keep it that way.

We still do I replied
though sometimes we bomb them instead.
But despite everything,
in ’83 you nearly voted Liberal.
I know he said
I was worried that Labour were moving to the right,
did that happen ?

I nodded,
remember all those pictures of primetime celebrities
on the wall of that freezing lounge ?
I think I hated them as much
as Keith Joseph and Donald Rumsfeld
he said.

Some of them are in jail now I replied
and not many people had heard of Rumsfeld.

And what are you…am I..doing now ?
he asked, are you wearing Strummer’s “Blue and Brown” ?
No I said, just grey, their cautious cousin
though often it makes me uncomfortable.
He smiled, that makes me feel better he said

and do you still get anxious and depressed
about not getting picked for the Team ?
I do I said.
It keeps you young, stick with it
he replied.



Chris Hemingway is a poet and songwriter from Cheltenham, he has self-published a collection of poems and lyrics “Cigarettes and Daffodils” and has also been published in Caduceus Magazine and anthologies for two writing groups; Glos Ink (Gloucester) and Polygon Poets (Bristol).  Recently he has read at Cheltenham Poetry and Literature Festivals, as well as Bristol Festival of Nature. He co-runs the ‘Compound’ collaborative writing project for Cheltenham Poetry Festival and is a member of the “52” on-line poetry group.

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