Wendy Pratt – Numbers


It is one hundred and fifty five
days since those faces and hands,
those gangled feet and sun-blind
grins slipped through the net, since
those heads; filled with sums
and language, that lucky five percent
were led away. It took two weeks
for the West to recognise that two
hundred and seventy three girls
being forced into slavery, or being
converted to an unwanted religion,
or being masked or raped or murdered
or sold, was a bad thing. We all know
a black face sinks quicker than a white
one and a burka can be an invisibility cloak.
April fourteenth has closed over their heads,
as effectively as a hood. The street where
their mothers stand, with placards and tears,
is dried out from their pacing. The first
day, for them, is umbilically tied to the one
hundred and fifty fifth, fifty sixth, fifty seventh,
fifty eighth, fifty ninth, sixtieth


Wendy Pratt was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. She has had poems published in several journals and magazines. Her first pamphlet Nan Hardwicke Turns into a Hare was published by Prolebooks in 2011, her first full collection, Museum Pieces, also published by Prolebooks, came out in 2013. Her next pamphlet, Lapstrake, is being published by Flarestack Poets and will be available in 2015. Wendy is the poetry correspondent for Northern Soul and is also a mentor on the Womentoring project. You can find details about her work atwww.wendypratt.com


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