Peter Raynard – Shooting Words Back at the Powerful

Shooting Words back at the Powerful

(for George Monbiot)

There can be no collateral damage when

kinetic activity gives an extraordinary rendition

that cleanses the stock of fraud and error

thus neutralising operatives in compounds that bulge

of stock not worth the full wage ending powerful

benefit units of asset classes who bake and shake

then mow the lawn causing bug splats. These are not

human capital they are illegal aliens whose neutraliser

will be crowned a completer.

Peter Raynard is a poet, playwright, editor and blogger. His poems have appeared in South Bank Poetry, New Left Project, Happenstance, and Verbatim Poetry. He edits the blog, which features different aspects of working class poems from various poets. @proletarianpoet; @peter_raynard See Morning Star Article,

His two Arab Spring plays have been performed at The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton and Space Arts Centre, London.

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