Sue Barnard – In Denial

In Denial

“I’m not complaining…”
“I’m not suggesting you’re wrong…”
“I’m not being rude…”

“I’m not judging you…”
“I’m not being critical…”
“I love him dearly…”

“I don’t dislike her…”
“I love all my relatives…”
“I’m not a racist…”

I don’t trust people
who make statements such as these,
then add the word “But…”







Sue is a novelist, an award-winning poet, and a member of the editorial team of Crooked Cat Publishing.  She has a mind which is sufficiently warped as to be capable of compiling questions for BBC Radio 4’s fiendishly difficult Round Britain Quiz – an attribute which once caused one of her sons to describe her as “professionally weird.”


She lives in Cheshire with her husband and a large collection of unfinished scribblings.


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