Sarah James – Cut-Throat Pirates

Cut-throat Pirates

The boy brandishes his cutlass with a smile.
On the beaches Cornish pirates once haunted,
Lego explorers keep their eyes to the sand
for bright treasure.

After any high tide, the awe of a new shoreline.
Here, a red daisy in the bladderwrack,
small dragons on the rocks, spear guns in shingle –
washed-up adventures.

Seventeen years since Tokio Express floundered;
still, its ghosts carried in with the currents.
Of 62 containers belched out by this metal whale,
one survived –

4.8 million Lego pieces unboxed by the waves.
Tossed, flung, drifted as flotsam. At last, rehomed.
Yet all pirate tales have a dark edge – the tally
of that day’s lost cargo:

thousands of octopuses and rigging nets, half a million flippers,
life preservers, TimeCruisers and pirate toy kits…
but no one knows how many choughs, kittiwakes and herring gulls
poisoned by swallowed plastic.

The boy and his friends salvage this wreckage.

Sarah James, poet and short story writer: website at & V. Press, poetry editor.

Be[yond] – poetry collection now out with Knives, Forks and Spoons Press (July 2013).
Into the Yell – poetry collection, Circaidy Gregory Press, 2010 – third prize, International Rubery Book Awards 2011.

3 thoughts on “Sarah James – Cut-Throat Pirates

  1. Excellent fusion of form and matter-oh, not fusion, thank goodness! Each hard surface of the experience caught in the music and displayed, lost Legos indeed! Outrage outdone by a sad intelligence. Lovely.

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