Marc Woodward – An Unexpected Change

An Unexpected Change

What? You think God doesn’t watch movies?
He’s seen those old films,
maybe that’s where he got the idea –

for today Nigel Farage
woke up black.
Which was a shock
to him and Kirsten
his wife (who’s German).
“Well, this puts a different complexion on things”
he said over Jerk chicken that night.
Kirsten said nothing but had a slight
feeling Nigel might be better off
going back ‘home’.
Wherever that was.

Later, while Nigel was
dusting off his vinyl
Marvin Gaye
(after putting Bob
Marley away)
Kirsten wondered what indeed
was “…going on”
and remembered
a Wagnerian refrain…
She wondered if they’d
ever listen to it again.
Things now were
pretty embarrassing
and not much fun.
In the lounge Nigel was drinking
Red Stripe and dancing to
“A Change Is Gonna Come”

Marc Woodward was born in the USA and raised in England.
He has been published in various small magazines, anthologies from Forward and Ravenshead Presses, and on the websites of the Poetry Society and The Guardian.
Marc’s work references his life and surroundings in rural Devon as well as his activities as a musician – and often with a sense of humour.
More of his poetry can be seen on his blog:

3 thoughts on “Marc Woodward – An Unexpected Change

  1. How wonderful that such a person can give rise to educated inspiration from another person! All not lost, then. Anything can be converted, it just takes someone to see how.

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