Myfanwy Fox – Ghosts


are dark matter
diced by drains,
car park extensions,
underpass or bunker:
exposed again.

Allotment double-digging
sees millennia of earthworm
spirits rise to writhe
in insubstantial surprise.
Feel how damp
they leave the soil:
their ectoplasmic slime
that clings to life, to us.

Along Lyme Regis beach
dinosaurs stub
massive toes on
fossil tree stumps;
ammonites sift
spectral algae.

Petroleum pollution
is the nano-wrath
of disturbed zooplankton
fizzing as they shrivel.

Soon trilobites will skitter
across Home County carpets
when shale fracking ruptures
geological deathages;
Hallucigenia will sticky-pad
across your sleeping
baby’s cheek.



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