Emma Lee – Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

When Vivaldi randomly interrupted by news flashes
is a form of water torture you wouldn’t wish on your frenemy.

When the courier says “between one and three”
you know it’ll be nearer three and maybe half past.

When you spend your time picking
short, interruptible chores instead of getting stuff done.

When the courier says “this is your time slot,” not “is this convenient?”
subtext: make it convenient or we’ll put you back in the queue.

When you can no longer tell a recorded message
from the live, call-centre singsong of a human.

When your peripheral vision improves
because you’ve always one eye on the clock.

When an automatic response says you’ll get a response in two weeks
and you wonder if you’re supposed to follow them up

or if this is an internal procedure notice leaking from a building
where you’re treated as if you’re a zero hours contract temp

who somehow miraculously knows the employee manual.
Where you know you will get processed but never answered.

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