Chris Hemingway – The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority

It’s not the silent majority that concern me,

it’s those who claim to speak for them.

It’s not the whispers in the shadows that scare me

it’s those who seek to amplify them.

It’s not the faceless bureaucrats I resent

it’s the cash-rich smiles of their critics

It’s not the border footfall that worries me

it’s the footholds found from its exaggeration

Chris Hemingway is a poet and songwriter from Cheltenham, he has self-published a collection of poems and lyrics “Cigarettes and Daffodils” and has also been published in Caduceus Magazine and anthologies for two writing groups; Glos Ink (Gloucester) and Polygon Poets (Bristol).  Recently he has read at Cheltenham Poetry and Literature Festivals, as well as Bristol Festival of Nature. He co-runs the ‘Compound’ collaborative writing project for Cheltenham Poetry Festival and is a member of the “52” on-line poetry group.

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