Sarah Maitland Parks – Two Poems

At the Checkout

How did it happen
that I told the lady,
a mum from the playground,
These acquaintances
are emergency services,
they pick you up
when needed,
then let go
We all understand.
It is a small town.


‘All the nest’

I love my own typo.

I want to offer
all the people I know
the best one in the whole world.

All the best nests
are made of this type
of mess of words.



Sarah loves poetry readings and adores all the chat afterwards. She blogs at

4 thoughts on “Sarah Maitland Parks – Two Poems

  1. How sweet is this one, in particular: “At the Checkout.” I live in a real small town and this poem rings true. Of course, wherever we live there’s a small town somewhere in there.

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