Jane Commane – Accordion Music

Accordion Music

For Matt & Felicity

This music made on finger-worn ivory keys,
your back bowed into each paper-concertina rasp,
is the sound of Old Europe in flames, archive ghosts,
of stiletto heels on paving stones, of sex and sadness.

Oh maudlin-wonderful squeeze-box,
when you tell history in your own way,
brisking that urgent, melodic-asthmatic wheeze,
you tug the doors and windows open within me,
and let so much out, so much in.

May your sepia songs save just a little bit
of our black-and-blue souls.

May your melancholy music catch me
wherever I may fall.


Jane Commane was born in Coventry and lives and works in Warwickshire. Her poems have been published in Tears in the Fence, And Other Poems, The Morning Star, Iota and Anon and collected in Best British Poetry 2011 and Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam. She is editor at Nine Arches Press and co-editor at Under the Radar magazine, and also a creative-writing tutor who has taught workshops in an array of unusual places, from museums and walled gardens to castles and riverbanks.


Jane’s poetry blog: http://keepwarmmaketrouble.wordpress.com/

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