Ruth Aylett – Humility


They did not hate the poor. Their houses

were not extravagantly big. They did not

drive gas guzzling four by fours; may have

liked good food but never wasted it.

They did not spend a year’s normal salary

on champagne, or spend their evenings

in Canary Wharf bars. They may have been numerate

but they never fiddled sub-prime mortgages.

They didn’t demand tax breaks, would

not even consider making special pleas,

did not expect others to pay for their mistakes,

never sold their friends the public’s property.

And they certainly do not run the country.

I am absolutely sure, they do not run the country.

 Ruth Aylett teaches computing at Heriot-Watt University, wonders why we let the world go on as it does, and therefore feels compelled to write poems and short stories. She has been published by Red Squirrel Press, Poetry Scotland, Textualities, New Writing Scotland, Doire Press, Ink, Sweat and Tears, and others. More at

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