Andrew Scotson – Two Poems

Retail Therapy
Two stationary lines face the warehouse
long rows of silent lorries show
distribution has come to an end for the week.
Saturday night and the tills are shut
the drivers drink beer and smoke ciggies
watching “Strictly” or the “X Factor”,
shout at the wife,
eat the last crisp,
lick salty fingers clean.
The floodlight picks out
shadows of frost to come
and reflects off logos
advertising to nobody.
In the office high above
I plan the week to come
when petrol will pour and
engines will rev
trailers be hitched
and tired teenagers
lift rusty shutters
ready for the new week.

Lowestoft Songs

Gather around the bed
ordered by rank, a family stand,
aged and pristine he lies
tucked in neat, tidy.
Grey hair combed,
on his chest the single rose,
arms by his side,
time stands still for the old soldier.
Gone after eighty years
ordinary man of Suffolk
addled by arthritis
tortured down the years.
Give a kiss
on a smooth cheek
a shining glow, lad
takes his leave.

Andrew Scotson is 52 and lives in Daventry. He writes a lot of poetry and works for Tesco. He loves nature and the countryside. He is married to Jeanette and has some books self published on kindle only.

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