Eleanor Margolies – Two Poems

A question about the quality of self-closing gates

The self-closing gate:
resists opening
springs closed
frustrates free-running dogs
provides no obstacle to owners bringing in dogs against the regulations
encourages laziness
recognises human failings
is a benign spirit, guardian of the dog-free garden
requires regular offerings of three-in-one
represents the eternal comings and goings of life, the spring and fall
is a costly, capricious invention
is no substitute for neighbourliness
enables quiet enjoyment
is a gate-keeper in loco park-keeperentis
protects against all that runs wild (except foxes, children, cats, rats, snails, birds, etcetera)
protects us from rancour at things left open, unfinished


The women in the carriage were clanking
westwards, talking over each other
as we all shuddered underground, when
one of them remembered last summer:
‘And we had your meringues…’

Sweet frivolity. It filled the air,
the insubstantial lasting in us.

Eleanor Margolies lives and works in London, and is currently working on a book about props in theatre.

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