Julie Hogg – Driftwood Detroit

Driftwood Detroit

A city is being sedated
Jesus Christ where are you now!
Listen, for God’s sake, to the almost incidental
silver-tongued debates, polished up by cheap liquored
words, marinated for zero hours in all the habitual permanence of a
hotel room, calling it a

town, calling it a town, for God’s sake,
not quite meeting byzantine, undisclosed criteria for
numerous reasons, making metallurgy a cyclical, self-depreciating
struggle in authentic better nature and Sunday best pride, keeping an
infant Hercules, juvenile. God I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to contort to hard
and brittle, tarred in

over-sized molten alloy footprints,
watching the core of our Constantine College’s
foundations quiver and crack, Jesus Christ, I’m an
inshore seagull flying over the tracks from a driftwood
Detroit and you call me a Fishwife! But this is my voice and this,
this is how I cry

Julie Hogg is a Poet from Teesside who is passionate about the area. She has work published in Alliterati, the Black Light Engine Room Literary Journal, Ink, Sweat and Tears and The Linnet’s Wings. Anthologized by Apple Tree Writers and Ek Zuban, she is featured in a chapbook, ‘Dark Matter 2,’ from the Black Light Engine Room Press.

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