Marjorie Gill – Instructions for a Love Bomb

Instructions for a Love Bomb

Muslims and other Norwegians create a ring of peace around a synagogue in Oslo, chanting
“No to anti-Semitism, no to Islamophobia.” – 20 February, 2015

Take this mob and hollow out its core.

Construct a line like yielding traffic or braiding hair,
one from each side at a time.

Use it to ring the object of your attention.

Now turn your back.

Uncurl your fist and observe the length
of lifeline, how it disappears into pulse.

Link your pointing finger with your neighbours’
on the left and on the right.

Raise your arms to the sky.

Form a star.

Say no.



Marjorie Gill’s poems have been published by, or are forthcoming in, a variety of anthologies and journals, including Ambit, Gutter, Magma, Mslexia, The Reader, CURA, Rattle, the pickled body, The Lampeter Review and The North, and have been shortlisted for each of the 2013 and 2014 Bridport Prizes. She is also the Poet in Residence at Jupiter Artland (, and the Writer in Residence for both Spring Fling ( ) and the 2015 Wigtown Book Festival (

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