Karen Little – I Know

I Know

That every new notch in my rifle, will be
underrated until I arrive, dead. I will never
court fame, never manage to gather people
round me in crowds, on or off line. I know

That I love wine, and it helps in the short term.
I know I won’t self-destruct, because it would have
happened by now.  I know I have friends, unenvious,
coping with my disassociation; an incredible son,
who has seen me lie down in traffic, and try to
convince him to do the same.

I know that as soon as I get well enough, I will
be dragged back into a system that will make me ill.
I know that everything has already happened, and that
this won’t be believed. My planet is ruled by me. You
rule your planet. I don’t find that hard to conceive.

I know that the derelict is as important as the famous,
that celebrity is nothing, and that generous friends,
family and animals are worth more than anything.

Trained in dance and sculpture, Karen Little has performed and exhibited internationally.  She regularly reads her work at poetry events, and has been published in twenty five magazines and anthologies in the last six months, including Petals in the Pan Anthology, Deep Water Literary Journal, and Southern Pacific Review.

3 thoughts on “Karen Little – I Know

  1. Karen Little’s plain-speaking poem has a persuasive yet discreet rhythm of yes/and that makes it sing fiercely and truly. “I Know” recalls the mind to its proper business: self-knowledge. A stubbornly beautiful poem.

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