Tony Press – Three Poems

Defining my terms

Belief: I put my belief in mindfulness.
Hope – hope eludes me. It is
too much a future tense.
A good day is a day
without wishes.

On the Ridge

track the butterfly
brilliant flashes of color
as long as you can
it glides through shadow and light
only a moment
Coming Soon

only yesterday
she said “wait until tomorrow”

the sign said
“free beer tomorrow”

a king’s life I’d lead

Tony Press lives near San Francisco and tries to pay attention. Even when drinking hot chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico, or in Bristol, England. Even then. You can find many of his stories and not as many of his poems, in print, online, and on the floor next to his desk, including such journals as The Lake; One Sentence Poems; Misty Mountains, Right Hand Pointing; Poetry Storehouse; Turtle Island Quarterly; Sleet; Digging through the Fat; JMWW; The Stare’s Nest; Riverbabble; SFWP Journal; Literary Orphans; Boston Literary Magazine. 

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