Richard Carpenter #walktogethertowork


At 08.50 on 7/7 ten years on
he walked down the garden path
to harvest a crop of peas
growing from six foot vines –
green Alderman from his plastic tunnel,
Ezethas Krombek Blauwschok
purple podded in an outside bed.
He placed them as a bundle
in his satchel with the beans –
three different broads with labels
lost so he could not tell one from ‘tother.
A few early sprouts of broccoli
that he’d not expected until spring’s
hungry gap.

He didn’t take his camera
as he performed a daily task.
He didn’t follow twitter –
the social call to capture
the image of his daily chores.
He did wonder how to say a prayer
as our leaders laid their wreaths
at the fifty two now standing
straight in London’s central park.
How to say a prayer for George
whose bus was opened up
as if it was a sardine can
by Hasib Hussain’s satchel bomb.

At 11.30 he will sit in silence
to say his prayer for fifty two
slaughtered by the satchel bombs
on their way to work ten years ago;

thirty who sought Tunisia’s sun
gunned down two weeks ago.

The fourth London satchel bomb on 7/7/2005 blew open a London bus at Tavistock Square. The driver, George Psaradakis survived. Hasib Hussain, who carried the bomb, was slain.

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