Eileen Carney Hulme – Two Poems

Larger than Life

This is how you walked
into a room, like a meteor
had landed or some great
moon that kissed the floor.
I watch you walk towards
me and all my edges fall
away. Funny how you never
think of endings when the sky
delivers everything you need.
It’s like a charm, the way
I seek an open door.


Trains leave without ceremony
without tears. I am here
today, with my small bag spilling
none of its secrets. It sits in the morning
sun, like a promise of summer
like a long breath held
like it has somewhere to go.

For information about Eileen Carney’s poetry collections Stroking The Air and The Space Between Rain please visit http://www.eileencarneyhulme.org.uk
To purchase a copy of The Space Between Rain and read an extract from the book please visit http://www.indigodreamsbookshop.com/#/ech/4539534687

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