Stu Buck – What I Don’t See

What I Don’t See

To the BBC News,
When I look outside my window
I do not see famine
I do not see rapists and murderers
I do not see pit-bulls mauling children
I do not see poverty
Or Aids
I do not see the failings of the health system
Or a cocaine snorting politician
I do not see people growing old
And dying
I do not see gangs of feral youths
Stabbing immigrants
For iPhones
I do not see cancer
I do not see the rain
I do not see obesity
I do not see guns
Grand Theft Auto
The movies of Eli Roth
Or anything else causing violence
I do not see prostitutes
Or drug dealers
I see two sheep
One chicken
And lots of hills
Please report this at once
To cheer everyone up.

Stuart Buck is an ex-chef turned poet originally hailing from Hull but now living in the Valley of the Poets, the Ceiriog Valley in North Wales. He has a wife, a daughter, another on the way and his debut collection of poetry is being published October 16.

2 thoughts on “Stu Buck – What I Don’t See

  1. cant control the masses with good news!
    forgot to mention i have a blog, and a twitter. not a very informative bio… @stuartmbuck
    thanks again for the feature, first of many hopefully.

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