That’s All, Folks.

Thank you for reading the Stare’s Nest! I hope you have found something uplifting, funny, inspiring, thought-provoking here over the last fourteen months or so. I’m taking a rest – maybe I’ll be back one day with Stare’s Nest II.

Meanwhile, take a scroll through the past poems or click on the poets’ names on the right hand side of the page, and catch up on anything you’ve missed. There are HUNDREDS of poems to choose from.

I believe the world is a better and more hopeful place for having these poems in it.

Siegfried Baber – Virginia

They found him on the interstate
several miles from Smith Mountain Lake
slumped over the wheel
with a hole through his head.
They say he posted the whole thing online,
but you won’t find it anywhere.
I guess that’s why God,
in his infinite wisdom, made the movies.
Besides that, it’s getting late.
A fourth day of rain becomes a fifth.
Like hostages cuffed to a radiator
the old pipes start knocking
when the overnight heating kicks in.

Siegfried Baber was born in Barnstaple, Devon in 1989. Since graduating from Bath Spa University with a degree in Creative Writing, he lives and works in the city as a freelance writer, and as a barman in Bath’s finest pub, The Star Inn.
His poetry has featured in a variety of publications including Under The RadarThe Interpreter’s HouseButcher’s Dog Magazine, online with And Other Poems and Ink, Sweat and Tears, and as part of the Bath Literature Festival. His debut pamphlet When Love Came To The Cartoon Kid is published by Telltale Press, with its title poem nominated for the 2015 Forward Prize for Best Single Poem. You can also follow him on Twitter: @SiegfriedBaber

Ambrose Musiyiwa – Two Poems

 The Man who Ran Through the Tunnel

When I heard
how he ran
across continents
over rivers
through forests
through deserts
and through tunnels,
how could I fail
to be inspired?

The Girl who Jumped Over the Barbed Wire Fence

I didn’t see a swarm
I saw a girl in pink tights and a yellow hoodie
I saw her hoisted over the barbed wire fence in Calais
I saw the look in her eyes when she got to the other side

Ambrose Musiyiwa facilitates CivicLeicester, a community media channel that uses video and photography to document and highlight conversations taking place in and around Leicester. He is the author of The Gospel According to Bobba (CivicLeicester, 2015, a slim volume of poems that, among other things, defines the good life, celebrates the joys of a cup of tea and biscuits, and presents a way of dealing with challenges and fears.

Emma Lee – A Blanket of Sound

A Blanket of Sound

There is no such thing as silence.
Even when still, our blood pumps,
our heart beats, we breathe, we are alive.

A consistent noise can be tuned out.
It’s the unpredictable ones that distract:
water drips with tortuous, uneven gaps.

In a still hotel room, guests move in the corridor,
the traffic hums, revellers whoop, heels clatter,
keypads are pressed, electronic locks bleep.

The closest we get to silence
is that swallowed cry, a mark of respect
for someone robbed of life.

Or that briefest of moments
after a gasp at a sheer granite rock
or breath-stealing waterfall.

This room has a speaker that plays
white noise, thunder rumbles (distant),
waves on a beach, constant rain on a roof.

But when I curl on the bed, I don’t want
the disconnect of soothing sounds.
I want the city’s distractions to drench me.

Emma Lee’s most recent collection is “Ghosts in the Desert” (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2015). She blogs at and reviews for Sabotage Reviews, London Grip and The Journal.

Petra Vergunst – Proms in Perthshire

Proms in Perthshire

So it happened that evening
after my energy
kneeled at the foot of the hill

That I stood up again
on seeing Beethoven’s affirmation of life
reflected in the conductor’s face

They sang of sheer gladness,
running your course
the conquering hero

Below the canopy of stars
a thin duvet of cloud
descended on the silhouette of Schiehallion

I craved to climb that munro
to hear massed choir
breathe the composer’s movements

Petra Vergunst is a freelance community artist, composer and poet currently writing  on the themes of music and sound. Her poetry has appeared in Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Stare’s Nest, The Open Mouse, Poetry Scotland, Nutshells and Nuggets and various anthologies.