Travelling the Mainland

I believe that, whatever the failings of the European Union (and there are plenty around accountability and transparency) we are better In than Out, and I will be doing some campaigning with the Labour ‘IN’ before this unnecessary fracas of a referendum hits us on June 23rd.

So I want to celebrate everything European with poetry. I’m going to open the Nest for the 23 days of June running up to the referendum, and I am looking for poems about Europe. Did you find a lover on a Greek beach? Did you watch the Berlin Wall come down? Do you remember nights in the gardens of Spain or days on the Ring of Kerry? Write them into poems, my lovely Communitaires, and send them to The Stare’s Nest, especially if they speak of unity in diversity, and connections across cultural and linguistic divides.

We would prefer new and previously unpublished writing, but can include previously published work if you retain copyright and let us know where and when it appeared. In submitting to the site you are warranting that the poems you are sending are your own work and that you retain copyright.

Send your submissions, preferably in the body of an e-mail, with a brief biography ( & link to your own site if you have one), to:

Meanwhile, submissions for the Fledgling Award are flying in (see previous post). Keep them coming, my Poets of a Certain Age, they are gorgeous.


One thought on “Travelling the Mainland

  1. Born in Romania, raised in Austria, went to an English school, then back to Romania, studied in the UK, married a Greek, now living in France, and having done fieldwork in Germany, I consider myself a European more than anything else, so count me in!

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