Laura M Kaminski – A la carte

A la carte

Mozart’s first two sonatas were French, he got his public start in France,
and went on to play for King George the Third after his depart from France.

Charles Darwin married Emma, daughter of the second Josiah
Wedgwood. Emma studied piano with Chopin, not Mozart, in France.

Philosophy of an evolutionary type, beyond a doubt,
began with I think, therefore I am, certainty of Descartes in France.

In seventeen ninety-four, the French abolished slavery in San
Domingue. And then, Haiti fought to stay free from Bonaparte, of France.

In Holland the Groene Hart’s surrounded by the ring of Randstad cities.
The wild beauty of the Auvergne calls wanderers to the green heart of France.

Even though she landed in Ireland instead of Paris, there was
a Cross of the Knight of the Legion of Honor for Earhart from France.

When we part we say God speed, go with God, God willing we’ll meet again;
in Spain, separate with Vaya con Dios, Adieu to part in France.

Tony left his heart in San Francisco. Harry’s heart was down, he’d
left a little girl in Kingston town. Halima left her heart in France.


Laura M Kaminski (Halima Ayuba) grew up in northern Nigeria, went to school in New Orleans, and currently lives in rural Missouri. More information about her poetry is available at This poem will appear in her forthcoming chapbook, 19 Ghazal Street.

5 thoughts on “Laura M Kaminski – A la carte

  1. Ah, oui, moi aussi. I just posted today some pictures about the part of France I live in and how much I will miss it when I leave this summer. I understand Halima…

  2. “Leaving’s no problem. It’s exciting actually; in fact it’s a drug. It’s the staying gone that will kill you.”
    From a short story by Daniel Alarcon

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