Kate Noakes – Brexit on the Askew Road

Brexit on the Askew Road

If we do leave
my upstairs neighbour may return
to France; and the others to Poland.
Snatches of morning chat
will be understood. Pity.

If we do
the wine shop’s stock will be
out of reach, its cheese board
smaller, blander. A pity.

If we
the florist may go back
to Holland; bunches, bouquets
and all. A bloomin’ pity.

the taverna, trattoria, tapas
may turn into hipster
bakery-cafés. There’s already three.
More’s the pity.


Kate Noakes lives in London and Paris. Her Blog – archived by the National Library of Wales is at boomslangpoetry.blogspot.com

Published works –
Ocean to Interior, Mighty Erudite, 2007
The Wall Menders, Two Rivers Press, 2009
Cape Town, Eyewear Publishing, 2012
I-spy and shanty, corrupt press, 2014
Tattoo on Crow Street, Parthian, 2015

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