Fledgling Shortlist

At last, lovely Poets, I have looked through all the wonderful entries for the Fledgling Award, and thank you all – your marvellous poems have buoyed me up in distressing times. If you didn’t make the shortlist I am very sorry, but with hand on heart I can say there was a lot to enjoy in each of the competition entries. You rock!

With much soul-searching I have selected ten books to send on to our judge, Martin Figura, and they are these:

Jemma Borg – The Illuminated World
Meg Cox – Looking Over My Shoulder at Sodom
Barbara Cumbers – A Gap in the Rain
Lesley Ingram – Scumbled
Camilla Lambert – Grapes in the Crater
Di Slaney – Dad’s Slideshow
Frances Spurrier – The Pilgrim’s Trail
Mark Totterdell – This Patter of Traces
Matthew West – Seagulls and Spitfires
Ruth Wiggins – Myrtle

Congratulations to our shortlistees and good luck to you all for the judging stage!

I also have heard rumours of a Fledgling Prize reading in Norwich in the autumn – more details to follow soon. Exciting! I’m going to have to devise a Trophy.


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