Paul Vaughan – A Poem for Hillsborough

 Paul Vaughan is a Yorkshire poet whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in I Am Not A Silent Poet, The Curly Mind, Eunoia Review and Sarasvati among others. He also edits a poetry e-zine at

2 thoughts on “Paul Vaughan – A Poem for Hillsborough

  1. Not sure I’ve got the meaning right here, but I worked in Southwark when the Bowbell struck – most of those on board the Marchioness were not wealthy (some were in fact unemployed); everyone just assumed they were. It was a tragedy to them and their families, no less so than the horrors of Hillsborough. As a trade-union member all my working life, I believe you try and get justice for all, not set one lot against another. The Thames still needs better regulating to avoid a similar accident happening. Sorry, but I was there and felt the pain.

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