Helena Sanderson – Referendum


He threw words like kisses
and they tumbled towards me:
‘…an opportunity for creativity’.
What kind of creativity I wanted to know,
but didn’t ask.

New ways of thinking.
New ways of doing.
Harnessing our rich history
of enterprise and constructing
something new, exciting.
Was that what he meant?

Instead, he lectured me about the accounts
and I thought, well, you can be creative
with them without leaving anything.
But I smiled, said: ‘let’s not argue’.
And he smiled back.


Helena Sanderson is a Lancastrian writer with Cornish heritage. She gained a first-class honours degree in Humanities with Creative Writing and Art History with the Open University and is now studying a Masters in History. Her poetry mainly is concerned with the intricacies and small details of life and landscape.
Website: http://helenasanderson.com/

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