Sharon Larkin – Media mind-meld

Media mind-meld

Swept along by memes and tropes, false narratives
of what is freedom, what is love, where true honor
lies, lies are swallowed down as tranquilizer-palliatives,
veins invaded for transfusions of a bitter humor.
Procedures seem to offer us some greater good
but no one has a notion about what is best for all.
We have blinkers on, or blinders if you will, can’t feed
on food that’s faked through plasma screens that pull
our rods and cones out of shape, blur perception
so we squint and fail to see each other eye to eye,
tuning ears to hear the news we choose to channel,
train pupils so that insight’s merely tunnelled vision.
In ignorance, we asked for bliss: illusion’s pale blue pill.
Pursuing truth, we’re free to grasp the blood-red reality.



Sharon Larkin has been published in anthologies (Cinnamon, Eyewear, Indigo Dreams); magazines (e.g. Prole, Obsessed with Pipework, Here Comes Everyone) and e-zines (including Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Stare’s Nest and Clear Poetry). She jointly runs Cheltenham Poetry Café – Refreshed, is Chair of Cheltenham’s Arts Council and Poetry Society, runs Kickstart poetry workshops in Cheltenham and is founder/editor of the Good Dadhood on-line Poetry project. She has an MA in creative writing and a passion for Welsh language, literature and history. Website:

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