William Jenkinson – Jetzt ist der gefährliche Frühling / Now the deadly Spring

Jetzt ist der gefährliche Frühling

der Wind fegt den fruchtbaren
Boden weg und
die Wellen der ruhelosen Meere
brechen über die Strände

Und immer schneiden zahllose Mauern
die Machtlosen von der Welt ab

Aus dem Fernseher, nichts als Wahnsinn
Wichtige Personen stehen auf der Bühne
und haben nichts anzubieten

Draußen hör‘ ich Rufe:
Bussarde hoch am Himmel
die, leise, in einem Duo, mühelos
mit ihren weittragenden Stimmen,
schweben sie durch die Sonnengeküsste Luftder geteilten Andersheit der Tiere
Und ich finde Trost in ihnen
und augenblicklich fallen die Mauern



Now the deadly Spring

The wind sweeps the fruitful
soil away and
the waves of restless seas
break over beaches

and always innumerable walls
cut the powerless off from the world

On TV there is nothing but rubbish
Important persons stand on stage
and have nothing to say

I hear cries from outside:
buzzards flying in the heavens
Softly, in their duet, tirelessly
with their far-carrying voices
they soar through the sun-kissed air
in the shared otherness of the wild
And I find consolation in them
and in an instant the walls fall

3 thoughts on “William Jenkinson – Jetzt ist der gefährliche Frühling / Now the deadly Spring

    • Hi Claire,

      I wrote it initially in German as I was going to Bonn to give a reading in both languages and then wrote the English, which was more difficult than I expected. I received help from fellow poets in Bonn, smoothing out some of the roughness in the German; the English has had to fend for itself.

      I find writing in a foreign language very enjoyable, as it slows me down and encourages me to explore the words in the other language in their own right. I find it helps with logic and with imagery.

      Best wishes and thanks for your interest,


  1. That’s so interesting, Bill. Congratulations on both poems (my German is only good enough to get a feel for the sounds in that one). Good to be able to slow down and give the words their space. All best wishes, Claire

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