This site was set up in response to and in defiance of the local and European election results of May 2014. We position ourselves as the antidote to the cynicism and suspicion of other media. This site is not aligned with or endorsed by any political party, but our political stance is on the left.

We are open to submissions of poems in many styles, with a general theme of political issues, social justice, equality and diversity. We don’t want to be a platform for entrenched positions or a place where people play out tired political scripts; the poems we relish:

– surprise us
– make us think in new ways
– strive to reconnect politics in its broadest sense with people
– challenge our understandings of left and right
– engage with the difficulty of mass society
– imagine how society should run and be run
– offer hope

You might want to send poems about current affairs, our culture, media, or political system. As well as poems about political problems and the occasional out-and-out rant, we would like to encourage positive poems about hope, inclusivity, lessons from the past and visions of a better future. Above all the poem should be relevant to both poets and non-poets (thank you, Mr Paxman). We reserve the right to be biased, inconsistent, and wrong.

We welcome poems in English from any country, as long as the issues being discussed in them are generally clear to all readers.

We have found that better poetry comes out of the specific, rather than the general, and from showing rather than telling.

Tell us how it is. Tell us how it should be.

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