Submissions are open.

Sometimes it seems that since I started this webzine, things have gone from bad to worse, and worse, and worse, and worse. It’s tempting to succumb to magical thinking. It’s hard to write hopeful poems. But poets’ voices are needed more than ever now.

Send me your poems on Brexit, Trump, Fascism, the death of free speech, the need to pull together, the solidarity you’ve found with like-minded people. Go on. Howl.

I would prefer new and previously unpublished writing from anywhere in the world. Take a look at previously published work on the website to see the sort of thing I like. In submitting to the site you are warranting that the poems you are sending are your own work and that you retain copyright.

Send your submissions in the body of an e-mail, with a brief biography ( & link to your own site if you have one), to:

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