Ambrose Musiyiwa – Two Poems

 The Man who Ran Through the Tunnel

When I heard
how he ran
across continents
over rivers
through forests
through deserts
and through tunnels,
how could I fail
to be inspired?

The Girl who Jumped Over the Barbed Wire Fence

I didn’t see a swarm
I saw a girl in pink tights and a yellow hoodie
I saw her hoisted over the barbed wire fence in Calais
I saw the look in her eyes when she got to the other side

Ambrose Musiyiwa facilitates CivicLeicester, a community media channel that uses video and photography to document and highlight conversations taking place in and around Leicester. He is the author of The Gospel According to Bobba (CivicLeicester, 2015, a slim volume of poems that, among other things, defines the good life, celebrates the joys of a cup of tea and biscuits, and presents a way of dealing with challenges and fears.