Andrew Walton – Two Poems

Write on

in response to the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Carbon-powered, a pocket-sized tree.

To inspire, educate, agitate, satirise.

Pricks pompous, powerful politicians.

Graphite forges words, coal-black and

As hard as diamond, but glides softly.

We need to fight to defend this wonder.

No to scapegoating, violence, or racism.

For free expression, protect human rights.

As censors rub out our freedom of speech.

And cartoon characters laugh at violence,

An indestructible force of human nature.

Powerful weapons, in the right hands

Can begin to heal the world.

Shattered, broken they lie.

Pencils write, develop

our consciousness.

Spirit lives on.

Fight back.

Unity to


If you ever . . .

If you ever want to rail and shout
Then do it. Let your feelings out.
It is good, sometimes, to rant and curse
At this unfair universe.

When life, as it will, gets you down
There is no need to wear a frown,
For I will lend a friendly ear
To vexation, frustration or despair.

If you ever, by accident, happen to chance
On Question Time – don’t look askance –
Perhaps your remote control is stuck, worse luck
Then I will give a Dimblefuck.

Or if the environment gets you vexed:
Big questions get you all perplexed,
Climate change, fracking, war, human rights
I’ll be there for you, in a string of bytes.

For friends are there to give a care
When the world is unjust and unfair.
A shoulder to cry on, a warming mug
Of comforting tea and a friendly hug.

Andrew Walton is a political poet, living in Leicester, with two self-published chapbooks – “Little Red Poetry” and “Little Green Poetry”. He is standing in the General Election for TUSC – the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which rejects austerity and is trying to build a better world for the many and not the few. His blog can be found at