Asim Khan – Man as Industrial Palace

Man as Industrial Palace

I have grown old missing you
grasping mirrors to behold my plight
thought back to bluebells by the millpond
and cawing crows coming down along the road

of green and pleasant lands told
amongst the focus of spear thistles through rubble
under trees circled/sacred with memory
comes and goes this feeling

accruing like the barm on tributaries
through clouds of nettles I danced
with the voice of clear water
defining your nature

truly, birmingham is what I think with
warehouses brooding and pungent
fishing in faceless canals
to hilarious twinkles on house lawns

often, I am caught by the pace of its progress
asking, did those feet in ancient times
make loping simian steps
tainting speleothems and tide pools

wrath for cosmic debris
settled by the hum of people
thrown into relief by excess


but this body is old with ideas
like the dark inside the fish
in intervals of isolation, questioning
what has been destroyed by its industry

Asim Khan is from Birmingham, England. Link to blog: