Carmina Masoliver – Leaving


When she leaves, some say
it is an act of bravery,
some say it’s running away.
Really, it was a necessity,
a feeling in her gut.
But she’ll come back for her city,
for her man, for doors not shut.
She’s hoping for a change,
a chance to make the cut.
Her city’s looking strange,
too many zeros on its rent.
We used to save for rainy days,
but now the money is all spent.
And oh the theatres, and the cinemas,
we’ll wonder where they went.
Art stripped away for soulless bars,
we’ll miss beer-soaked wood
the smell of salt and vinegar.

Carmina Masoliver is a poet and teacher from London, England. She is founder of She Grrrowls feminist arts night, and is a regular contributor to The Norwich Radical. Her work has been published in various magazines and anthologies, such as Popshot, and her chapbook was published by Nasty Little Press in 2014. She has featured at events including Bang Said the Gun, Latitude, Lovebox, Bestival and Goldsmith University’s The Place for Poetry. She has facilitated workshops independently, as well as whilst shadowing Ross Sutherland, Niall O’Sullivan, and Michael Rosen. She currently lives and works in Córdoba, Spain.