Carolyn Richardson – Europe for Beginners

Europe for Beginners

A Primer in Failings, Accountability & Transparency

What’ll happen to the butter?

In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was…
but I’ve forgotten it.
well it began with Greece and Rome
Cradle of Civilisation

and latterly the
Treaty of Rome.
but why Rome for chrissakes
an Empire that fell,crumbled?

You were built not
on stone but sheafs
not wheat but paper

what about all the

a house of cards
big dreams
yadda yadda yadda

history tends to does this
segues into
fights and fisticuffs
fleeces, veal crates
and so much

what will remain when the fat Eurocrats melt?
when the cut down forests for your paper, regrow ?
who knows?
will the dirty hidden
stories turn into binary?
bad dreams for superannauated penpushers?

and what happens with the

should we forget ourselves in the wine lakes?
admit it
it’s what we are always known for it
refuse to learn foreign languages
insist on chips, wary of seafood
more fighting
suspicious of anywhere “abroad”

should we stay with the Empire?
it’s got to be a good thing
shake up our island mentality
can’t we?

embrace the olive oil
adopt a Med diet
stop fighting at football matches
pour oil on troubled waters

oh and
ditch the