Catherine Eunson – A refusal to complain about the rain

A refusal to complain about the rain

So the first of June lashes in
pissing down enough in one hour
to wed a whole townful.

I should be downcast, not standing
in the sodden scented grass saying
here it comes that somewhere sun.

Yes, the long grey eel, snaking through the sky,
says the mid-year fiesta can begin,
and I’m in.

Then at night, dawn dreaming,
to sit there and to look
as another thin page turns
in June’s gilded book.

Waiting by the window
to stare and stare
at the washing of the rain,
the subtle suspension

of summer in the air.

Originally from Orkney, Catherine currently lives in Glasgow, but was in the Outer Hebrides for nearly twenty years prior to that. There she was variously busy with her family, arts jobs, events organisation and community groups. She wrote and recorded music for Pauline Prior-Pitt’s ‘North Uist Sea Poems,’ (see and has had poetry published in Algebra for Owls, Northwards Now, Southlight and on the StAnza map.