Chaucer Cameron – The Ardent Vexillologist

The Ardent Vexillologist

takes part in local politics,
remembers names and faces
dates and places, points of view.
Keeps carp in his front garden pool,
waters hanging baskets in the rain.

Almost everyday he mows his lawn
careful not to tread in dirt.
Clips summer weeds from walls,
wears his short sleeved oxford shirt
tucked in neat beneath his belt.

He loves his clean striped canvas chair
crosses legs at knee and ankle,
but strains to keep position
as the double headed eagle attached
firmly to its flag pole, groans
and flutters in the wind.

His wife behind net curtains watches,
adjusts the waistband of her skirt
buttons up her coat then pauses,
she can see through shadows.
Checks the fireplace coals for feathers,
notices her blouse is scorched,
edges closer to the window.

From its perch the eagle stretches
shakes its heads, pulls up its wings,
pecks at feathers’ twisted stitches,
broken flagpole, empty canvas.



Chaucer Cameron’s poetry has been published in journals and anthologies, including The Interpreter’s House and Amaryllis. She works collaboratively producing poetry films which have been screened at poetry events and Liberated Words International Poetry Film Festival and also co-runs poetry film workshops. Chaucer’s poetry films include the thirty-minute collection, There is Nothing in the Garden.