Colin Waterman – Helmand


It was meant to be a long tour,
in my case cut short.
Improvised explosive device
put me in a wheel chair.
The armoured truck saved my life,
but not my leg.
Medics sawed it off,
but still it hurts like hell.
why were we there?
It’s a good question
that’s got me stumped.
People can’t do enough
but my four year old was best.
Gave me his teddy
with its leg torn off.



Colin Waterman is retired now from his career in engineering and has joined the Open College of the Arts as a creative writing student. He says: “Everyone of my generation was forced to choose between arts and science subjects at school. I chose the latter but I have always had a yearning for the former. During my professional life, I gained some satisfaction from technical writing but it didn’t contain very much passion. Therefore I now want to write fiction, short stories, some poetry and perhaps a novel.”